StrategINC Events, Inc.

StrategINC EventS, Inc. is a premiere event marketing company which provides non-traditional marketing services for small and medium business owners. Event marketing is defined as; “promotional activities involving an event, designed to bring products or services to the attention of the public according to Encarta World English Dictionary (2009)." Here at StrategINC EventS, Inc. we believe event marketing is currently the most effective and efficient method for growing your company, product or service.

Through our events, clients are able to brand themselves in a much more effective fashion and build lasting relationships with new clients. Furthermore, our marketing events are strategically designed to be effective, efficient and produce real results.

While working with StrategINC EventS, Inc. our professional Project Coordinators will provide a FREE one-on-one interview to determine your business needs, understand what marketing vehicles you have previously used, and determine what we can do to help.

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